Drown your fears

I have a large 4 year old dog called Mr Cougz.
He loves to play ball and loves the water, however he has a fear of swimming.
This fear was born when he was a pup at the beach and a large wave swamped him. Ever since then, he cautiously splashes around in areas where his feet are touching the bottom.
I have tried many techniques to help him overcome his fear, but each time he reverts back to this belief/experience/memory.

Yesterday everything changed.
He was playing ball with an 8 year old child, when the ball fell on top of the pool cover.
All of Mr Cougz’s attention was on the ball so he instinctively leaped on to the cover, only to fall straight through.
In an instant he was swimming,
In an instant his fears had vanished,
In an instant he was free from his own beliefs,
In an instant his own true nature revealed itself,
Without analysis,
Without prejudice,
Without thinking.

Witnessing Mr Cougz helped me realise:
When we are not identified with our beliefs and concepts,
When we stop paying so much attention to our thoughts,
Our fears vanish,
Our beliefs do not limit us,
Our true nature can reveal itself to us,
Without analysis,
Without prejudice,
Without thinking.

Don’t Buy-in

The mind wants to sell you things (projections, dreams, dramas, fantasies, sufferings)
Don’t judge, analyse or be lured by these illusions,
Sit back and observe the way your mind works, as it begins to sell you:

• Tickets to the merry-go-round of endless meaningless thoughts
• Tickets to the fantasy theme park
• Autographed copies of your perfect future romance novel
• Photo enlargements and duplicates of every miserable memory
• Live screenings of the dramatic autobiography of your story
• And of course the lotto ticket of wealth that will ensure instant and everlasting happiness

Our mind is constantly selling us these opportunities every day, and each time we buy-in, we are dragged out of the reality of the present moment of NOW, to experience the imagined moment that our mind has created.


After observing or witnessing the many thoughts that come and go, second by second, minute by minute, we begin to notice the relentless flow of our mind, as it does what it does….

But after some time observing, we begin to question the thoughts:
“Where are they coming from?”
“Can I change them?”
“Can I control them or even slow them?”

Eventually these questions give rise to further questions:
“Who is the “I” that is asking these questions?”
“Who is the “I” that is witnessing the thoughts?”

If you reach this point, the only advice I have is that the answer does not exist in more thinking, but rather experience alone….


Mindful Dishwashing

As I focus my attention to the mundane task of washing the dishes, my experience becomes dominated by my sensory perceptions: feeling of water on my hands, smell of soap, sound of water and dishes clanging and the visual sense made available through my eyes.
I do not need to allow my mind to fool me into creating false projections about the future or access my memory banks to visit moments of the past. I do not need to allow my emotions to fabricate ridiculous claims such as “I hate doing the dishes”…
I can just immerse myself in the HERE and NOW, because thats all that actually exists.


I have decided to abolish all my consultation fees.

I don’t know if this is a good or bad idea.
I don’t have a wealth of money to back up my decision.
I don’t know if I can sustain this model.

Yet I feel compelled to act in this way.

I am not against money, yet it is just a man made concept of our current civilization.
As humans, we have created a numerical value for the paper and metal we call money. This symbol is often taken all too seriously by many people.

Personally, I find it difficult to allocate a symbolic value as a price for the service I offer.
It’s not that I think I am worth too much or too little, in fact, who I am and what I do has nothing to do with a monetary value and this also applies to every human being. But most humans believe what they do is worthy of monetary value. Isn’t that an illusion or simply a matter of perception?

Perhaps, I could simply stop over thinking and charge a competitive rate based on the average of what my colleagues charge. To be part of this society we must abide by the codes and concepts that we have created, even if we don’t agree with them. This means I should suppress my yearning to follow my heart and revert to the logical rules of the game. For that is what it is – “a game”.

A game for which we must continue to play as we created the game, we created the rules and we continue to sculpture the future of it. That is why, in this particular section of the game, I’m going to continue to follow my heart and remove my fees.