Who are you?

Are you the constant noise in your head?
Do you believe you are what you think?
Are you the product of your DNA and environmental conditioning?
Is it possible to conceive that you are something more than your thoughts are able to construct?
If so, read on….

I believe it is possible to access a realm that is beyond the chatter in your head.
I believe it is possible to access this realm every day that you are awake.
I believe that anyone can access this realm,
But the problem is that “My Beliefs” are just another thought,
Therefore, I believe, that you should NOT believe, what I believe.
Instead, allow yourself to EXPERIENCE.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness are my tools that allow me to help others EXPERIENCE.

Dean E

Meditate or Multitask?

I meet many people who believe they are excellent multitaskers, yet research suggests they may not be functioning as effectively as they think.
On the other hand, I believe meditation is all about the art of focusing your awareness on doing one thing at a time.
The reason I am mentioning this is that some of my individual sessions and group training revolve around cultivating a meditative focused awareness that can be applied into daily activities. This in turn leads to an increased level of self awareness, especially in terms of our own thinking patterns.

The multitaskers that I have met, almost get a ‘buzz’ out of stimulating their mind with multiple activities and challenges all at once.
In modern times there seems to be a need that almost demands that we function in this way, however research contradicts the efficiency of such functioning.

A theory about this “buzz” is that they are substituting their own intrusive thoughts and feelings with the multitasking activity. In other words they can become so preoccupied with multitasking that they forget their own problems, which in turn creates the buzz.

For me, I look at multitasking as a type of mindless trance. It is almost like being on autopilot but in fast forward. My multitasking clients often disagree with this type of analogy and provide wonderful stories of how this does not apply to them. How they are always in control. How they can achieve so much more by multitasking. The most interesting aspect of this type of thinking is that the very patterns used in multitasking can be the very same patterns that are creating destructive thoughts and feelings.

I often use hypnosis and mindfulness to break the mindless trance. Some people believe hypnosis creates a trance like state, however I believe we are already deeply tranced out with our incessant thoughts fueled by modern life. Therefore, hypnosis and mindfulness can be seen as healing moralities because they can break this trance and help us to discover that our perception is creating a distorted and illusory view of the ourselves and the world around us. This deep understanding can help us to reshape our reality in a healthier way.

Dean Efthimiou



DISTRACTION, is becoming our normal state of being.

When I was growing up, all my school reports read “Dean gets easily distracted”.
These days nothing has changed except my level of awareness. In other words, I still become distracted, but I train myself and others to become increasingly aware of it, as it is happening.
Being completely aware of being distracted, unusually results in the choice to either continue or stop.
With training, you can learn to create that choice.

Returning from a break with a message


After a period of further self investigation and discovery, I have returned to Facebook and Blogging with a message to you.

You are not your thinking,
You are far greater than any thought,
and for those who are interested,
I am going to help show you that it is possible to go beyond your limiting thought creations and patterns, by offering you a series of support groups, training programs and online forums.

Stay tuned and focused,

A little introduction about hypnosis

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