Mindfulness Training in Melbourne with Dean Efthimiou

Mindfulness offers a set of techniques and a way of living that can lead towards greater peace and fulfilment.
Research shows its effectiveness in treating a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, addiction, and chronic pain. Living mindfully helps you cope with difficulties in a harmonious way; rather than making them even more painful, you can meet them calmly and allow them space to dissolve in their own time.

It also enhances your life when things are going well. You will learn to:

  • Notice the world around you;
  • Become more grateful for what you have;
  • Become more kind and forgiving towards yourself and others;
  • Focus more effectively at work, at home, and in your relationships; and,
  • Enhance your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Practicing the techniques

I run mindfulness training in Brighton that helps my Melbourne clients learn techniques such as mindfulness meditation, and practice them in their everyday life.

Practicing mindfulness means paying attention regularly and intentionally to your present-moment experience with a focused attitude. Scientific studies confirm that regular practice allows you to begin to change the way you experience life. As a result your brain is less stressed, less reactive and more focused. It also becomes more resilient to future challenges and regulates your emotions more effectively. Your body becomes better at fighting disease and your tension eases. Your relationships are likely to improve and you become more engaged at work.

Practicing exercises such as mindfulness meditations and living mindfully on a day-to-day basis may well help you experience greater levels of happiness and peace in your life.

Current sessions

I am currently running 3 Stress Management Skill Training Groups. 2 are in Brighton and one group in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula until the middle of 2014.


This training has been developed to teach you the skills and techniques to make mindfulness part of your everyday life. The exercises, meditations and interactive group environment offer a way to practise and reflect on your personal experience of mindfulness and deepen your insights so that you can manage all levels of stress.

Each session includes:

  • A theoretical background about the origins and benefits of the techniques we will be learning.
  • A set of examples of how we can integrate a particular skill into our daily life.
  • A discussion related to the specific topic in terms of our own personal experiences
  • Practical exercises which will both demonstrate and explain what we need to practice during the week.
  • Questions and answers about the weekly topic and its application into daily life.

Facilitator: Dean Efthimiou
Audience: Open to anyone but spaces limitied
GROUP PROGRAM: ongoing support and skill learning
LOCATION: Tyabb, Mornington Peninsula, Call 0404887030 for address
DATES: Mondays 5.00pm -7.00pm

BOOKINGS: To register please contact Dean Efthimiou on 0404887030, as spaces are limited.



To help you focus or commence resolving your issues, I often help guide your awareness and attention out of your current thinking patterns and into things such as being in a resourceful or relaxed state. In a sense, I may often utilize hypnotic skills and techniques to create a Mindfulness experience within you.

Another way I integrate Mindfulness and Hypotherapy is by teaching you specific Mindful practicing techniques which become part of your homework. By doing these techniques, you are in fact deepening and compounding the hypnotic effects that were created during the session, which may often help you achieve your goals faster.